Building capability in retail

Negotiation skills for retailers

Step-change your negotiation skills to deliver an increase to your bottom line and give your business a competitive edge.

Understanding Retail

Understanding Retail

A 2-day workshop which gives an insight into how retailers operate and the challenges that they face. It brings to life the retail product life cycle and how retailers think, adapt and deliver results.

Project Management for Business Managers

Practical project management skills, tools and techniques for your business managers

Leading Change Workshop

Teaching skills, knowledge and best practice to enable managers to lead their people successfully through change programmes

Essential Buying and Merchandising Skills

Explore the principles of retail planning, trading and buying.

Training & Development

We help people to do their jobs more effectively, offering expert-led skills training from working with a new system through to developing new managers and future leaders.

Change Management

Whatever change your business makes, it's your people who will ultimately cause it to succeed or fail. We build capability within your business to deliver sustainable change.

New Systems & Processes

Our experience with system change is unrivalled. Our consultants' commercial backgrounds and focus on how the people, system and processes work together, is unique.
  • "Our strength is our people. Our background and our experience mean we can hit the ground running"
    Robin Turner
  • “Retail has a broad mix of people so we have a broad mix of solutions”
    Jenny Swartout
  • “It’s great to bring our experience to our clients’ projects”
    Lesley Clayton

Our Clients

Leading UK retail brands choose us time and time again and we are thrilled to be expanding, both internationally and into new business sectors.

Recent clients include:

The Latest

Announcing the launch of our new South African base

Our new partnership with Strengthscope®

Gain an insight into how retailers operate and challenges they face

An exciting collaboration with Barcelona based Uniqverse Studio

Successful systems training programme for retailer Joules

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